Aeons ago the world was very different. It was a land built by, and thriving with, the now extinct art of magic. Until an ambitious king found a way to steal all of the worlds magic energies. The now god-king used this power to kill approximately 99% of the population, and enslaved the few unlucky enough to survive his ambition. Of these survivors were four heroes of light. These four saviors spent nearly 2 decades devising a way to defeat the god-king, and finally succeeded in the task, but only with the sacrifice of three of the warriors.

The surviving warrior was welcomed home with a level of fame and glory unmatched in all of history. He was made king, and he led all of the remaining people to a small island just below the equator and there they built the metropolis of Eorza. over the next few decades the king grew steadily more insane from the experience of the battle with the god-king. Growing overly protective of his people he ordered that inescapable walls of adamantite be built around the city.

Over the next few centuries the kings bloodline has been carried on by many rulers, some good, some evil, but all hold a promise to their ancestor to keep sealed the gates of Eorza “for the greater good.” Now the ruler is the tyrant queen Absinia. the void that was left behind when magic was destroyed was filled by technology. hover cars, robotic helpers and soldiers, and skyscrapers higher than the eye can see..but,of course, the walls are higher. An electro-magnetic dome has been built by the royal engineers to prevent escape from the city via flight.

but times are rapidly changing, everyday feels somehow ominous. the time is nigh for the seals to be broken, and its a big world out there…

Final Fantasy: Tabula Rasa

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