Final Fantasy: Tabula Rasa

Episode 1: new beginnings

submitted by autumn
We begin in our beds sleeping and we all have the same dream of a Nu Mou priestess named
Maguiesse saying that she needs our help and if we agree she will transport us to the tee
pee where she is located. We all agree and when we wake we are all transported to the same
place and meet each other. As we have never been beyond the wall we can not be certain of
our location but with the magic and trees that is where we are believed to be. When we leave
the tee pee we all see weapons of sorts that call to us. “Phil’s Character” one person picks up
something that doesn’t belong to him and the item burns him and yells at him to get away until
the correct person can pick it up. As we are all picking up our weapons me a sword and shield 5
large creatures we have never seen appear and kill the priestess. We through teamwork manage
to kill 4 and 1 self destructs.
After the fight Magwina the apprentice priestess to Maguiesse appears to us and tells us of the
quest that her teacher was going to put to us to complete.
She wants us to unite all the crystal tribes and in doing so learn how to summon each of the
tribes Guardians starting with her tribe the tribe of the Light Crystal. We learn to summon
Carbuncle the Guardian of the Light Crystal. He has the ability of Healing & Reflect ability; in
order to summon him he costs 4 Destiny points.
We also learn that the Light Crystal of their tribe can teach Paladin, Monk, White Mage and
Time Mage should we choose one of those paths to follow. It costs 3 Destiny points to change
Earn 5 Destiny point & 2 XP each for this section
The group after introducing each other we walk around talking to people trying to find out
where we are and also if there is anyone local in need of help.
Quests found:
1) Bartender has a dog that is lost. In return of the dog we get Free room and board
every time we are in the village. 2 XP earned upon completion.
2) A Farmer has Chocabo herd being Haunted by a Ghost believed to be in the barn. In return
earn 300gil 2 XP
earned upon completion.
3) The Chocabo Farmer wants greens for the Chocabo harvested(Found). In return
will earn 100gil each. 2 XP earned upon completion.
We decide to start with the bartender’s lost dog quest. We learn that he believes the dog Bo
Bo was headed to the woods last time he was seen. We follow tracks that are found to a small
cave. We find the dog at the cave and he has been Zombied so through teamwork we wrestle
him down and pour a cure potion down his throat. Once the dog returns to normal we tie him up
to investigate the cave as we believe he was bitten by Bandersnatch. upon entering we find 5
Bandersnatch that we quickly kill.
We then return the dog to the Bartender.
2XP from the quest and also 300gil and 3 Ethers 1-Phil,1-Joe(Derek), 1-Egan(Autumn).
Upon returning to town we go to the farmers barn to see what ghost is haunting the Chocabo.
Once we get there we see that it is not a ghost but a Yellow Flaun creature. We kill the
creature or so we thought but the goo spawns baby Flaun. I poison them and when they are
killed they do not multiply.
2XP from the quest and also 300gil
We receive a Chocabo whistle from the farmer. Upon reaching the herd we see that they have
purple dark glowing eyes. Through the grain we see tracks of Golum. While following the tracks
Joe and (Phil’s Character) fall into a trap. Joe is thrown out of the trap pit at the Golum after
much fighting the Golum self destructs.
2XP from the quest and also 100gil for each player, Loot 50gil and find an Orb of Dark
Matter & Dirt (breath underwater).
2 Attribute points can’t be in the same spot.
2 New Skill points can be in same spot.
1 Ability
Upon return of town we use or crafting skills to help each other and Level up. upon resupply
we headed to the Temple at the top of the mountain. On the road up we came across a Moogle
riding a Golum who tries to steal us. Joe puts him to sleep and upon waking Benny the Moogle is
convinced to join our group. We can always use a good engineer.
1 XP, 1 Destiny if we sold our wears, 1 Destiny for gaining a follower.
Benny creates a centipede to carry us all up the mountain. Once we reach the top we see there
there are 10 multicolored Flan. Egan poisons them all remembering that it kept the yellow from
respawning but instead of respawning multiples the goo flows together creating 1 large Flaun.
During the fight I become blinded and through teamwork we kill the large Flaun and my sight
3 XP and Loot of 400gil and accessories of ? TBD
Total Gained
Destiny 6 if you didn’t sale your wears; 7 if you did
XP: 12 Everyone, 16-Egan
Gil: 1050/4=264 100gil(grain quest)= 364gil for night each person
Loot: EtherX3; Orb of Dark Matter & Dirt (Breath underwater ability); Circlet of
Shielding(fragile & +1 AVD)-Egan; Goggles (Immunity to blind); Chocabo Costume(
2 to
Nature skill); Glowstone (floating stone sheds constant light)

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