Lightning Jack

Lightning Jack is the sticky handed thief that rounds out the FF d6 game.


Name: Lightning Jack
Quote: “Stealing every thing not nailed down and set on fire.”
Destiny 7

Resolve: 4
Dexterity: 11+2
Mind: 9
Force 1
Finesse 5
Arm 8
M. Arm 8
HP 36
MP: 18
AVD: 9
ACC: 3


Thievery 8+2 = 10
Acting 8
Athletics 5
Stealth 8
Lore Monster: 3

Inate Ability: Steal
Use thievery Skill to pick pockets. Roll vs monster Finesse.

Treasure hunter: Use Thievery skill in place of awareness skill for all checks. Never has to make escape checks to run away. All escape checks auto suceed.

Sleight of Hand: Thievery rolls can no longer be opposed by the Awareness skill. Also it grants a
+2 on thievery checks.Also the character may steal something at medium range by expending 1 point of Destiny. She can nab loot she couldn’t possibly steal,such as a golden chalice behind a vault door or cell keys on the far wall. The difficulty for such steal checks are treated as if they were no distance between the thiefs hand and object.

Skill Full Hero: Skill level cap is Fin+3 and you recieve 5 additional skill points to spend.


Master Thief

There is no longer any limit to what the thief can steal with the thievery skill check at appropriately high levels. Players are encouraged to be outrageous in the use of this ability. If used on a character with job abilities said character loses access to the stolen ability and the thief gains it. Can not be a limit ability.

Combat uses

Cool Stuff: May nab crafting stuff from monsters

Essense: Remove 25% of the monsters max HP/MP

Destiny: Steal a destiny point from the Monster.

Ability: Strip a monster of one of their powers, gain any one of the following monster abilities. (Regeneration,Flight,Unusual defense,Controlled Defense, Counter Attack, Magical Counter Attack,Status touch, flawless spell,Submerge or inhale.


Armor: Stealth Suit (+2 on Thievery Checks)
Weapon: Bow (Attribute Bonus +2 dex)

HP 14
MP: 0
ACC: 2
AVD: 6
SKill points 22
Weapons: Brawl concealed ranged
Armor: Light Medium

1: Have my own smuggling operation
2: Steal an entire fleet of air ships
3: Own an artifact / epic weapon
4: Own a thief guild
Life Long Goal: Steal


Not allot is know about Lightning Jack, not to others or himself due to a nasty bump on the head while pulling off a particularly tricky heist. where he came from and his real name has been lost. A group of bandits found him out in the forest. They took him captive and once the found out his innate talent for thievery he soon was put to work. Since then Jack has gone out into the world seeking his own fortune.

Lightning Jack

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